Tuesday 8 July 2008

Crayford Arrows, Crayford, Kent.

Bakers Field is the home of Crayford Arrows Football Club a long established outfit, where I've seen Dulwich Hamlet junior sides play a number of times over the years. I took these snaps while on my way to nearby Phoenix Sports, where I was going to watch the Hamlet Under Eighteens last season. They have a mens' side in the very minor level South London Alliance.

I didn't go inside the ground, I'm not sure-sadly in this paranoid day & age- how they'd have reacted to an ordinary football fan just walking into their ground taking photos while kids' football was in progress. So these are taken from the road. There are no spectator facilities as such, though there is a small standing area at the front of the main pavilion.

If you look to the right of the changing room/pavilion building, you can see the balcony area, which is the 'spectator facilties' I was referring to, above.

A look across the pitches, from the car park entrance.

And a better view of the building from the road, through the fence.


Anonymous said...

As a mum of one of the girls team, I'd like to say that after visiting many clubs, Crayford Arrows has one of the best fascilities in the area. Where the balcony area is, is a very good shop where hot and cold drinks can be bought as well as hot and cold snacks. There is also a variety of crisps and sweets. There is also a large hall where parents can stand if it is raining or to keep warm before the match starts as well as a waiting area while the kids are changing. There are also toilets in this building.
We also stand under the balcony part of the building to watch the matches if it is raining, keeping us perfectly dry. We have excellent pitches which very rarely get waterlogged like many other away games we can't go to for this reason. In fact a few weeks ago we played at home instead of away because we had one of the only pitches that was not waterlogged ! How you can take a picture from the road side and judge its fascilioties I really don't know. You are welcome to come in and have a look around. The do not trespass notice is for when there is no one on site !
Su Morris

Rabbler said...

Thanks Su! If I never described the facilities fully you've done it for me! Thank you.

Mike Floate said...


This was home to Bakers Sports of the Kent Amateur League back in the 50s, a top club then. Not a works team I don't think, seem to recall it was some kind of charitable trust.

Mike F

Bob Taylor (no relation to the greengrocer family of the same name) said...

Yes, I remember, as a kid in the The 50s, watching Bakers Sports FC. It was probably my first induction into watching men’s football. A player that still sticks in my mind ( I’m in my late 70s now) was their centre forward named Wally Stetfield who was a real character and used to wear plimsoles instead of football boots!!