Friday 11 July 2008

Witham Town

I stopped off here on my way to Layer Road, I've been here once before. Back in October 1998, for a midweek FA Cup replay, when they lost 4-0 to Havant & Waterlooville. Thanks to fellow Hamlet fan Richard, for recalling the year & score for me, we were both 'ticking' off the ground that night.

Witham Town is about a mile or so from the station, and if ever you are on this stretch of line coming from London, look out for the ground on the left, as you come into the town.

One of the 'advantages' of finding access into a ground on a non-matchday is that you get your own non-rushed full run of the place, hence quite a few snaps on this 'tour'.

As you approach the ground across a park you see the clubhouse,
and a large car park, surrounded by some ugly fencing...

As you can see here, which you need for security purposes
I suppose. But can anyone explain why this minibus was
parked here, a fair way from east London?

This is the main turnstile block. I am going to take you round
the ground as if I've gone through them, and will go left, in
a clockwise direction.

It looks ugly, but I'm sure is much more welcoming inside,
for visiting officials. This is the boardroom.

Just past this is this strange bit of terrace; view partially
blocked by the dugout in front. Note the tea bar sign at the

From this spot is a view of the covered terrace behind
the goal, at the railway line end.

And here is another view of this end.

And here is our first view back at the open side.

Then look the other way, and we see the main stand.

A couple of steps of terracing lead up to the seats.

And here they are.

A small sign, on the press/tannoy box. Something I would
certainly have missed if I was here to watch a match.

And if there was a match on I certainly wouldn't be on the
pitch taking this photo!

A full frontal! (Ooh er, missus!)

The officials' enclosure, in the middle.

A look back across the pitch, as a train goes past.

Past the stand is more narrow terrace.

The goals may not be up yet for the new season, but the
corner flags are already in place.

This end is covered, and identical to the other one.

Maybe the main stand was just short of satisfying ground
gradings? ;-)

If you're the main sponsor, with the ground named after
your company, it's no surprise when they have lots of

In the final corner is this turnstile. I could be wrong, but it
looks like one that's not needed, but simply installed to
satify ground graders.

A look at one of the dugouts, unusually quite a distance from
the opposition one, and not on the halfway line. With a
patriotic Union Jack fluttering on a flagpole in the car park.

Another look down the open side, but this time pitch side.

And back where I belong!

A last glance back..

Gates on the halfway line, for tractors I presume. Nice
personalised touch with the club initials. And this ends
our tour.

I also spotted a small patch of training ground, at the
railway end; hence the amount of advertising hoardings, for
commuters to see, a nice little earner I'd guess.

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