Sunday 19 October 2008

Metropolitan Police RUFC

The rugby ground is tucked behind the football ground at Imber Court. walk round behind the open end of the football ground, and in the corner, outside, you will see a footbridge over a stream. Cross it & look right.

This is the scoreboard.

Grass banking down the side, but there was a sign saying spectators were not allowed to stand on it.

Roped off behind the goal.

With the only structure of any sort being the stand on the far side.

Here is a decent view of it. Very strange. As there's absolutely nothing underneath it. With the changing rooms & bar area, back in the Football Club area of the Imber Court sports complex.

A bench or two in front, in case you can't manage the steps.

Here's the view looking across the stand.

And now towards the pitch. Bring a blanket on a cold day!

At the back is a small press area.

And from there this is the sightline towards the other posts.


Anonymous said...

It seems pretty authentic.
Somehow I like the stand.
Kind of rustic and old-school.

The vegitation i a good 'trick'.

It is just a matter of enough plants and big trees around the ground.
Then you let the time do the work.

Acts like a perimeter fence, and can create in a cheap way good and intense and 'cozy' atmosphere.

Fx we have this fantastic name for a ground in tier 3: High Beech. :D

Rabbler said...

I'm not really a fan of rugby union, prefering to watch rugby league, given the choice.

But union is the larger of the minority sports in the UK. At the top many clubs now use established professional football grounds, to share with.

Further down the rugby pyramid grounds tend to be more 'quaint' not as built up as football grounds, but with more distinctive stands,but if you drop more than two or three, I think the grounds are just sportsfields with a clubhouse, as rugby is very strong on the social side, but there are less proper grounds.

Though I'm no expert on that, so am generalising.