Sunday 19 October 2008


I wasn't looking for this, another AFA ground. But saw this sign as I was walking through the area, & recognised the Norsemen name. Their First XI are in the second division of the Southern Amateur League.

A slightly(!) blurred snap of their crest from a sign.

Here is a view of their sports ground. There are two football pitches on it.

This is the other one.

Presumably the changing room area.

And looking across from the first floor balcony of the bar area.

Which you can see here.

Inside you can take a trip down memory lane.

As always AFA clubs are proud of their heritage.

With the club scoreboard on the wall too.


Anonymous said...

Very cool this mate! Was googling Enfield earlier after their promotion to the Ryman prem and found your site. Use to love going to all the non-league grounds, but found it quite surprising that the local team I play for should pop up here!

Cheers Adam.

Rabbler said...

I don't usally cover the very minor grounds unless there's a game on. I enjoy watching the oocasional AFA match, the stnadard is good, but as someone who likes snapping grounds there's not much to photograph, so I prefer to do so on a matchday. I was just in the area by chance, as I'd been to a representative game at Southgate Olympic FC. Hope you enjoy dipping into some of the rest of the blog.

Unknown said...

Tbis was 8 years ago, infacy if you had walked over the whole ground, theres 3 pitches on main ground and 2 senior pitches next door on the grocers field, the big brick building is a massive 900,000 football foundation grant,
I was groundstaff from june 96 til October 2019