Saturday 6 December 2008

Osbroek Sport Centre; Aalst, Belgium

I stopped off in the town of Aalst on the way to Denderleeuw, well it was the stop past Denderleeuw actually, I was told there was more to see in Aalst, plus the main team in the town had a nice ground. Unfortunately I couldn't gain access to it, but I will keep an eye out on their fixtures, & try to catch a match there at some stage on future visits to Belgium over the next year or two.

I did find this local municipal complex to the south of the town centre. I have no idea who plays here, nor if it hosts any teams in the Belgian pyramid, as opposed to their equivalent of 'Hackney Marshes' teams on Sunday mornings.

I thought it would still be worth dnapping, to compare local sportsgrounds with ours back home, despite not knowing which club(s) are based here.

From this sign you can see it is a mutli-sport facility.

Here is a map of the complex.

One of the outer pitches first caught my eye. A simple park pitch..but with it's own dugouts!

One of which you can see here.

Across the access road is the main part of the complex. Presumably opened in 1970, as that is the date on this stone.

This is the 'main' railed off pitch.

With the smart rails going all the way round.

There was a cafe/bar and changing room complex, though this was shut on the Friday afternoon I was there, so couldn't find any noticeboards inside, in the hope of finding any club names.

Presumably....'keep off the pitch'.

One of the dug outs on the main pitch. Anyone know what 'thuisploeg' means?

The 'tunnel'.

Here is another opening stone, 1985. Presumably for the adjacent athletics track, which didn't appear to have any football club markings, nor spectator stands.

Here is a small panoramic view of it.

This sign was above a door on the side of the building. It could be a club name. On the other hand the authorities may rent out part of the building for church services. I have no idea!

Finally a view from back on the main road across another outer pitch, with the facilities behind, on the main one.


Anonymous said...

Thuisploeg means "home team" and as for this pitch, it is probably used by several Saturday afternoon amateur teams.

Anonymous said...

I live in Aalst and their isn't an official team playing at this terrains. Everyone can 'rent' a terrain to play a match.

When you come back to Aalst, I can also advise you the old terrain of SK Aalst with 2 little, but nice tribunes, near the cemetary (or 'begraafplaats' in Dutch).

Rabbler said...

Thank you, please let me know of the address, I am sure I will return to Aalst within the next year or two. Thanks for looking in.