Saturday 6 December 2008

US Emines; Emines, Belgium

I returned to US Emines on Saturday 4th September 2010, & saw two games here, one on either pitch. Firstly, a reserve game, at 3.00pm and them the First Team on the lower one at 8.00pm.

I'm adding some snaps of the higher pitch, as I didn't go up on the far side, when I looked at the ground a couple of years ago. I'm also including a larger set of snaps than usual of the reserve game in action, as my good friend Nicolas Lucas plays for them, and this is the most suitable play I can think of for his team mates to look at them; so apologies for those of you who just like to look at my usual snaps of the grounds!

Nicolas is currently out injured, recovering from a recent operation. Here he jogs lightly round the pitch prior to the Reserve Team match, which is the team he plays for.

Most of the ground is covered further down, in my original post. But back then I didn't venture up to the slope above the second pitch. Here we look along it.

And down across it, from the corner.

And the sloped bank, that peters out toward the clubhouse.

This is down outside the clubhouse, behind the goal at the other pitch.

This is inside the building.

A fun poster on the window. Bottom right...I know 'putain' is a naughty word! ;-)

Here we look across the pitch at the bottom, during the evening First Team match.

While this was on I went back up the slope to get a long distance shot of it with the lights on.

A brief action shot from the First Team match, my camera isn't suited to snaps under lights.

Most of the fans either stayed in the bar, or stood down the touchline in the night match.

The rest are from the earlier Second XI match. Before the game Nicolas puts on one of the new shirts..

So he can be part of the team photo.

The teams are led onto the pitch by the referee Mr. Lucas, of Namur; the fater of my mate Nicolas! The opposition Ham end up comfortably winning 3-1.

Game on!

I watch the first half from up above, by the dugouts.

There follows action photos from the game, which I include here for the Emines lot to enjoy. They made me very welcome, even though I spoke no French. Indeed we stayed at the ground until after the evening match, & ended up getting invited back to one of the players houses for the party to continue. We left way after midnight, & they were still drinking on! I hope I don't embarrass anyone by saying I was very humbled by their hospitality. Many thanks to all at US Emines...and I'm pleased to say the club scarf I bought is now hanging up on my wall at home.

The rest,below is my original post on US Emines:

I kid you not I was actually on my way to watch a table tennis match when we stopped off at this small club! My friend's brother plays 'ping pong' and we were off to see him, when we drove past US Emines, and Nicolas offered to stop, to show me the ground of the club he played for when he was 17 or so. Who was I to say no? ;-)

There are two railed off pitches here. On this one the Youth Team were playing, and here we look down the touchline.

The bar & changing rooms are behind the goal.

The dugouts are along the side, and don't be fooled by that cyclist. It was actually very nippy.

Railed, or roped off, behind the goal.

Up on the higher pitch the reserves are also playing. Between the two pitches is not so much hard standing, but a muddy path.

Simply roped off.

I look across to the small dugouts.

You clearly don't have to be too fit to play for the second team!

If you're lucky you might find some boards to stand on, rather than mud!

From here we see the clubhouse & changing rooms again.

In front of which there is actually some genuine hard standing.

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