Friday 3 April 2009

JS Eghezee; Eghezee, Belgium

I'd love to see a match at this stadium, the home of JS Eghezee. A classic ramshackle non-league type ground, with a modern bit, where they overstretched! A Belgian Fourth Division side, playing in the top division of the Namur region. My visit here, on a non-matchday, was in January 2008.

Here is the entrance where I entered the ground.

We're going to walk round in a clockwise direction, & the first part we come to,as we head down the touchline alone the side, is this old wooden terrace, which reminds me of behind the goal at Hitchin Town.

Past this is a brutally modern concrete construction.

With more bucket seats as we continue along.

As we move continue the goal it's just an open end, no terracing.

There is another entrance into the ground from this end.

A bargain to get in, well it was when I took these snaps about a year or so ago, before the pound crashed! ;-)

From this end we get a good look at the concrete seated area, and the glass fronted executive ones above it!

The old scoreboard.

Another look across the pitch, with the groundsman hard at work.

Heading up towards the end we came in, there's another wooden, covered terrace. An absolute delight in the club colours.

Just open standing behind this goal as well.

Presumably this is an open bar area on match days.

And from the corner we came in we look back across the pitch.

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