Saturday 4 April 2009

RFC Spy; Spy, Belgium

RFC Spy was a delightful little Belgian ground! Playing at the fourth level the highlight was an unsual barrelled bit of cover, which we will come to! My friend Nicolas took pleasure in showing me this ground as his brother Francois plays for Spy. I took these pictures in January 2008.

This is the clubhouse & changing room complex, viewed from the car park outside.

I'd love to know why they have a squirrel as their club crest!

The buildings are behind a goal. This stand is on the right hand side, as we walk round it in an anti-clockwise direction.

With dugouts either side of it.

The stand has suffered a bit of 'wear & tear' over the years, by the look of things.

But it's still a decent size stand nonetheless!

We move on, to behind the far goal, just railed off. You can see a bit of cover on the far side.

Behind this goal is, what seems like, a small farm in a neighbours back garden! It might be perfectly normal in small villages in Belgium, but in you grew up on inner city council estates like me...!

As we walk to the other side we see this railed off 'second pitch' behind the main one.

Here is a look at the stand from across the pitch.

Next up is that strange piece of cover.

Note the barrelled roof. My friend Nicolas, who was kindly driving me round a few grounds, told me that this was built from old railway waggons! Wonderful!

And here we look back to the open end behind the goal, with the bar & changing rooms behind, where we came in.

The scoreboard on the wall of the building.

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