Saturday 4 April 2009

RAC Leuze; Leuze-Longchamps,, Belgium

This was a nice little ground, home of RAC Leuze, as you can see from the entrance here. They play play in the A section of the Namur regional second division. Fifth level nationally. These pictures were taken in January 2008.

As you walk in there is a clubhouse building, set back, to the right.

Simply roped off behind the goal, but as you can see in the top of the photo there is a stand along the side.

Down the other touchline we look across the pitch to it.

Here is another club building down the side of the pitch, with a fading scoreboard on it.

A look at the dugouts,these ones appeared to be old unused ones, as there were bigger ones opposite.

And here we can see them, note the advert for 'Cafe le Kop'!

Presumably this nice stretch of terrace is their 'Kop'?

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