Thursday 7 August 2008

Helsingen Ponnistus 1887; Helsinki, Finland

A simple municipal ground, so it looked from the passing tram. But what caught my eye was the fact it had a small stand, so I felt I had to check it out!
Luckily there was a match poster stuck up, so I managed to establish that Helsingin Ponnistus play here. Though I have no idea what level of the Finnish footballing pyramid they play at, nor what the actual name of the ground is, so I'd be grateful if anyone can work it out and let me know!

The rather tatty noticeboard at the entrance.

This was on a door to the closed pavilion building. My only 'clue' as to who plays here!

A view across the pitch, to the changing rooms. A drab brick building.

Looking up the pitch, from by the goal. Note the open seating to the right of the post.

Here is a closer view.

But this is the stand on the other side that caught my eye in the first place, which was enough to make me break my tram journey.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Ground name is "Brahen kenttä" also known as "Kallion urheilukenttä". It's HIFK Soccer homeground (1. division in finland). Ponnistus play in 4. division.