Friday 8 August 2008

FC Levadia; Maarjamae complex; Tallinn, Estonia

I wasn't looking for this small ground, I stumbled across it by accident as I was nearby looking at a Soviet War Memorial, & German Second World War communal graves.

It is the training ground for FC Levadia. This is the main pitch, and behind it, not photographed, are two large open grass pitches, with no facilities around them at all.

On the Tony Kempster forum, on 23rd June 2008, a contributor called sonofhod posted:

"F C Levadia Tallinn v J K Tallinn Kalev league game on June 21 played at Maarjamae Complex ???"

I cannot answer why this was, but would presume that either the main Levadia ground was 'double booked' for athletics, or maybe there was a late switch, due to bad weather, & it was switched.

As you can see, from this snap outside, it's a basic venue.

No spectator facilities on three sides.

On the far side are the dugouts.

This is presuamably for television interviews.

And this small stand, down in one corner, is the only stand for spectators. What exactly is that big football at the end?

Well in case you're wondering here it is...

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