Friday 8 August 2008

Tallinn Racecourse, Tallinn, Estonia.

horse racing has never interested me. But I'm sure some of the tracks around the world are superb, sport architecturally.

Tallinn racecourse wasn't somewhere I planned to look at, I jsut happened to pass it on a trolleybus, on the way to a museum, and hopped off on the way back into the centre.

It looks rather basic. What makes it unusual is the rugby pitch in the centre, which is the home of the Tallinn Tigers.

Here is the main entrance.

This is the main stand, the only built up spectator area.

The enclosure.

Looking across the track you can see the rugby posts.

A look back at the enclosure.

Another view over the track, from in front of the enclosure.

I am guessing this is the finishing line.

Advertised in a window, just outside the entrance, which is how I knew who played there!


Anonymous said...

Tallinn Cricket Club/The Estonian National Cricket Team also play at the race course.

Nick WFC said...

If you walk through the Hippodrome and on to Stromi beach, there's fields with horses in between the beach and the racecourse! Apparently they might be the ones that run as well!!