Wednesday 17 September 2008

TJ Motorlet Praha; Prague, Czech Republic

Motorlet Praha was my Saturday afternoon ground, & I didn't know what to expect. What I got was a wonderful old 'two sided' stadium, that would have been 'ruined' by saftey restrictions back home, with crush barriers added everywhere. But instead I got a superb old fashioned stadium. This is also at the 'fourth division' regional level.

It's always nice to be able to buy a small programme

& a ticket stub too!

Simply on seeing the entrance, with a bit of terrace behind, I'm getting excited! ;-)

As you walk in you can go onto the terrace behind the goal. Here we look down the side, where there is no spectator standing. The players come out of this 'tunnel' trhough the terracing. The changing room & bar building is behind.

This is the terrace, from the other corner.

Along the other side is this cracking stretch of terrace, with the seating in the middle.

This is strange. On the wall here is a huge watch as a clock, and a barometer!

Up above, behind the side terrace & stand, is this all-weather pitch.

Back down to the covered terrace. This is obviously where they hang out the kit to dry, after it's been washed!

From the other end of the terrace you can see the old fashioned speakers for the tannoy system.

With an 'ordinary' view of the terrace from that end.

You can't stand behind the goal, but if you look carefully you can see what a appears to be a couple of old steps of terracing.

Trees now prominent, rather than spectators.

Looking back across the pitch, from the far corner.

Again no viewing down the far side. You could stand here I suppose, but the fencing doesn't make it a particularly nice spot.

Looking straight across, from the halfway line.

And up towards the end I entered the ground at.

The players enter the field, for the start of the game.

And another snap, as I head round towards the seats, to watch the game.

Sitting in the stand, looking ahead...

To my left...

looking at the local mutt!

& to my right!

This is the tea bar, at half time.

Another picture of the terrace, from the side.

And looking up into the seats.

With another shot of the covered standing area, towards the terraced end.

Game over,3-1 to the visitors.

And the players trudge off.

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