Wednesday 17 September 2008

FK Admira Praha; Prague, Czech Republic

This was my Sunday morning game. A thoroughly pleasant way to spend a morning on my trip. With the 'added bonus' I chap called 'Veteran', who was on a 'hopping trip through central Europe, with his mate 'Stan'. I knew him 'electronically' through the Tony Kempster messageboard. It's always nice to put a face to a name! Admira Praha play at the 'fourth level' of the Czech pyramid.

A nice colour cover for the programme.

Pretty ticket too!

This is the approach road up to the ground from the Metro station.

Programmes on sale just inside.

This really a 'two sided' ground, with the main stand on the left as you enter, behind the goal, and a large terrace on the other side.

It's open behind the goal, and here's the club bar, with food on sale at the end. Also the changing rooms are in here.

Sausages anyone?

Here is our first sight of the terrace, not the childrens' play area. Unusual

Looking across from this corner, to the stand side.

Up above the far goal there is no specator acess. Just a concrete wall, with this all-weather second pitch up above it.

This stretch of terrace is above the all-weather pitch.

Back down to the main ground, you can see what I mean about the wall behind the goal.

Grass cuttings are sometimes dumped by lazy groundmen who don't dispose of them properly. But I've never seen as nice a 'landscaped' area as this for them!

Looking across from up on the terrace, as the game is underway.

At halftime I go round to the other side, to photograph the stand.

Presumably the tannoy box.

And looking back across, from the stand.

A snap of the dugouts.

It's NOT just me. "Mr. Veteran" takes his own pictures of the ground too!

Back round on the terrace, as the sun starts to break through.

Which makes for a nice, bright shot, with the sun behind me.

Off home for their Sunday lunch, or in my case the middle game of three today! ;-)

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