Wednesday 17 September 2008

SK Nusle; Prague, Czech Republic

I'll be honest...I'm couldn't remember which club plays here! Luckily I took a snap of their name, SK Nusle, on one of the buildings.
I found a list of addresses of clubs to visit 'blind' on this excellent local Prague football website, and matched some of the addresses up with the my streetmap!

This is the sign above an entrance, Spartak Praha 4 is an athletics club.

As I enter you can see the open bank of seats on the far side.

I start to walk round to that side, and you can see how far away from the actual you would be from behind the goal.

Opposite the seating area was achanging room and bar area. Players were starting to arrive for an early evening training session, but I didn't have the confidence to go in & 'have a nose', as I speak no Czech, & didn't want to sound like an English nutter, trying to explain the concept of 'groundhopping' & 'snapping grounds', even though this wasn't an actual 'hop, as I haven't seen a game here! ;-)
It was this sign that I snapped, that has made me able to identify the club that is based here!

This is the walkway down the side, the changing rooms are at the far end of this.

This view is from the premises of a tennis club, I think it was. behind. You can just make out the changing rooms to the right, at the far side.

Here's a decent view of the open seats down the other side.

For out penultimate picture we look across the pitch from the seats, at the halfway line.

Before one last look down the seated side.

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