Wednesday 17 September 2008

Unknown derelict ground, Prague, Czech Republic

This place is a total mystery to me! I could probably place it a map if I tried, but I wouldn't be one hundred per cent. When I go back to Prague next month I'll locate it and make a proper not of the street name.
I passed this old ground on a tram a couple of times, and it intrigued me. On a day when I was going 'anywhere & everywhere' exploring the suburbs I jumped of to have a look.

It's hard to guess when football was last played here. And there was this board advertising greyhounds, so I don't know if the site was ever used to race dogs, or train them.

This appears to be an old entrance.

A look across the overgrown field.

The dugouts, and what appears to be a fairly modern changing room or clubhouse, behind, suggesting it was still in use fairly recently.

Looking at those buildings from another angle.

Set back in the overgrowth appears to be an old clock/scoreboard.

Looking across the pitch from behind the far goal.

Through the undergrowth I also caught a climpse of an old pitch perimeter fence.


Iain said...

Did you ever work out where this ground was? As a Prague resident and avid groundhopper who never knew about this until now, I'm curious...

SundanceKid said...

Hmm... And I thought I knew every ground in Prague. I would be very interested in knowing where this is. Could you find it e.g. in Google Maps?

Anonymous said...

Is it not the old ground that Viktoria Zizkov played at ?

Rabbler said...

I'm not sure where it is! I can picture the road, & when I'm back in Prague in a couple of weeks I'll make a note of the street & location!

jay said...

Could it be this ground?

jay said...

If it is the same ground, it could have belonged to SK Uhelne Sklady Praha, as their current pitch isn't too far away.

This page lists a few pitches in Prague which are no longer used.

Scroll down and look for "Popis spojení na nevyužívaná hřiště"

Rabbler said...

Jay: Many thanks for your postings. Sorry am not sure about the ground, it looks like the one in the map, I will go back there when I'm in Prague in October. I didn't get round to it last time.
Sorry, I couldn't work out what I was supposed to look for in the second link. But if you look back here can you list me any street names of old grounds, or current ones, that I have not featured in Prague, & i will visit them next time as well.
Thank you.