Wednesday 17 September 2008

FK Meteor Praha; Prague, Czech Republic

Rather see the 'traditional' sites like churches, museums, galleries and the like (which I also do!) I like to sniff out football grounds and cemeteries on my travels! Meteor Praha is a ground I visited on the last day of my trip last October. It's certainly one on my 'want to do' list, but they are, unfortunately away when I'm here next month, so an actual visit to 'tick it off' will have to wait.

You follow this path up from the road to the ground at the end. On the right is their all weather pitch.

Here is a training session going ahead on that surface. The path is down the right of this picture, with the entrance from the road being in top right hand corner.

As I entered the ground I turned right behind the goal, where there was this open terrace. from the top of it I looked behind, where I took the previous snap.

Down the far side is this magnificent low 'two tiered' wooden stand.

The back part of it is a covered wooden terrace.

While the front area is wooden benches for the seating!
I absolutely loved this stand!

Here are the dugouts, from on the pitch.

Open standing behind the far goal.

And a look back at the main stand.

This large scoreboard/clock is on the side of the clubhouse/changing room buildings.

A look aross from the far corner, the buildings are just behind us now.

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Iain said...

I've been to Meteor a couple of times (I'm Scottish, resident in Prague), and this is one of my all-time favourite stands. I was lucky enough to get a local derby with Admira for my first visit last season (2008/09), and got a bit of atmosphere, crod only a few hundred, but with some chanting and pyrotechnics. Not a common occurence at the Czech 4th level...