Wednesday 17 September 2008

Slavoj Vysehrad; Prague, Czech Republic

One of the grounds I searched for, without knowing what was there.
Slavoj Vysehrad was basic, but interesting. Certainly preferable to one with a running track. It appears to be recently re-built ground, though that's only my guess. you will see what I mean, if you look through these photos. I would happily go here to watch a game, but they are away on my next visit.

An unfortunately blurred view of the main entrance, with the clubhouse & changing rooms in the background.

Open standing behind the goal, this is the end as you turn right as you enter,from the far corner.

Again, narrow open standing along the side.

And from the far corner, looking across, again a bit blurred. I don't know, maybe it was cold! ;-)
You can see a training session was in progress. Maybe they were snatched pics as I was worried about looking a bit of a weirdo! ;-)

This is what I mean about a 'rebuild'. The buildings look modern, and this concrete appears extrmely recent. I wonder if some sort of new car park was built underneath, & maybe they got a new pitch laid, and facilities as a result? Who knows? I'm only guessing!

Looking back down the side, with a view of the dugouts, from tbehind the goal, as shown in the last photo.

Again, just standing, in front of the buildings, down the other side.

The club crest, mosaiced onto the wall. A nice touch.

A snap for the reserve team game that weekend, & off I go!


Anonymous said...

Hey! This was earmarked on Yahoo! Sports; the 'Early Doors' guys-

Rabbler said...

Thank you, one of my friends emailed it to me the day it was published. To say I was surprised was an understatement! ;-)

Baudelaire said...

Planned visit 18th October 2010. Can't wait !

Rabbler said...

Enjoy! It's a great city to watch football. Lots of grounds and plenty of levels, with staggered kick off times on Saturday & Sunday.
Are you planning to go anyhwere else?