Wednesday 5 November 2008

BK Mlada Boleslav; Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic

This is top flight ice hockey in the Czech Republic. BK Mlada Boleslav play in the top flight of Czech hockey. I saw a game here as part of my October 2008 trip.

This is a hoarding advertising the club in town.

Here a view from up above, taken from a churchyard, where you get a good view of the ice rink.

And here is the main entrance.

With the traditional beer & food stalls outside.

Here is a poster stuck on the wall by the turnstiles.

Once inside there are banks of seating on both sides.

This is the one opposite.

And this is the smaller bank behind the goal, as we enter the rink, this is the 'away' end.

Another look down the side. from a corner.

Here I look down the seating, from the corner, up in them.

Looking back to the 'away' end from the same spot.

Still in the same area, we look across the ice.

This is one of the food/beer stands in the rink itself.

And here we have the noisy, small, home end. Actually terracing not seats! Superb!

This is the away team mascot!

A close up of one of the home fans' banners.

In the opposite corner, the end where the entrance is, was this car on a pedestal. Mlada Boleslav is Skoda town, and a large percentage of the local population work in the car industry. The town even has a Skoda Museum, which I visited.

The rink is filling up now

Lights dim, & flash, as the teams come on ice.

During the intervals between periods fans find their own 'toilets'!

It's not quite dark yet, so I can walk around outside.

Here is their full fixture list.

And also the local football one. Note the match for 26th October, at home to Slavia. This was moved to Monday 27th, for the live television game, which I was planning to attend. Unfortuantely when I went on the day it was a sell out! Disaster! So I won't be bringing you any snaps from there I'm afraid!

Back inside we can see the away fans.

A rare bit of hockey 'action', waiting for the puck to be dropped.

Game over. A 2-1 victory to the hosts.

The away fans stay to acknowledge their boys

While at the other end a rare victory is celebrated.

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