Tuesday 4 November 2008

HC Tabor; Tabor, Czech Republic

I never expected to see a match at HC Tabor! The green poster on the left is for the football match I was going to, with a 3.30pm Wednesday afternoon kick off. On arrival at the ground I discovered there were buses going direct to the local hockey team for a 6.00pm face off! Fingers crossed for a most unexpected 'double'! Luckily I had my mobile phone with me, so texted a friend back home, & Tracy came up trumps, as she told me I could get a train back to Prague after the hockey, but no buses. Marvellous! This is the third level of Czech hockey, & HC Tabor won 5-2, in front of 930 fans.

The night was drawing in, as our bus dropped us off outside with minutes before face-off, so this outside view isn't too good as a result.

There is seating on three sides of the rink. This is behind one of the goals.

The benches are similar all round, this appears to be the 'main side', crowd wise, with the loyla'nosiy' lot behind their flags at the front.

Here we look across the ice.

These 'shirts' are hung up at the back, behind the goal.

Another look, higher up, at the popular side.

This is the other side of the rink, with a glimpse of the Zamboni ice machine.

A bit dark this one, but it's an attempt to snap their flags at the front.

Not long to go...time to celebrate victory!

Full time, final score.

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