Saturday 8 November 2008

FK Siad Sous; Most, Czech Republic

I found this ground,home of FK Siad Sous, while wandering around the town of Most. Clearly a brand new stand, as you will see. It left me wondering what was here before... But having just found their website, it appears to have been just an open side, with the car park/market area behind.
There were three pitches here. The main one, with the stand, an all-weather one; which is the first one I saw as I entered through a gate, and not the main entrance on the other side. And there was also another grass training pitch, as you will see.

This is where I came in, a gate in the fence, by the main road, wasn't padlocked. This, presumably, is some sort of food or drink stand on matchdays.

This is the all-weather pitch. At the other end you can see the changing room/clubhouse complex.

We look across to the dugouts.

And down the railed off side. You can see the main pitch goal, in the distance, on the left.

Here are the dugouts, from behind.

And looking across, from behind the 'clubhouse' goal, we get our first sighting of the main stand.

Tucked in the corner is another of those 'training walls' that I seem to spot at so many clubs over here!

Now we move round to the main pitch. Here is one end, with the hard standing inbetween here & the all-weather pitch acting as 'terracing'.

Here we look down the side with the seats. Impressive!

Here is the centre section, presumably that's a tannoy box in the middle.

These are not changing rooms or a bar area. But toilets, and the door through to the box, pitch side. I wonder if part of the building of this stand was to specifically include a toilet block here for the market days?

Here we view the new facilities from the far end.

Behind the goal is a grass bank. You can imagine lazing here at warmer early, or end of, season games, with cans of beer, taking in the rays!

From behind the goal we look towards the stand.

There is a nice open terrce down the other side, with benches along the top. this appears to be the only spectator area, judging from the pictures on their website.

The other pitch is behind this, with the concrete behind almost doubling up as somewhere for fans to sit or stand on.

Behind the goal are these concrete blocks. not sure exactly what they are, but damn ugly!

From the terrace we look across to the new stand opposite.

Here are the dugouts, with a gantry for filming behind.

Moving on we look back down the terrace.

And here is the clubhouse/changing room complex.

With the tables outside.

Now behind the goal on the main pitch we look back to the open terrace.

And back over to the new stand, from this end.

With the groundsman marking out the pitch for the game the next day.

I leave through the gate I entered, walk up the road towards Banik most, where the game I'm going to is, and glance back down the hill, to get an overview of the ground.

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