Saturday 8 November 2008

SK Uhelne Sklady; Prague, Czech Republic

This ground was my first one in Prague, for my October 2008 visit. Once I found it I was pleasantly surprised to find an old, ramshackle ground. Here is the review I put on the Tony Kempster site:

"First up was a game from the A1A (top) division of the local Prague leagues, which I think makes it fifth level. SK Uhelne Sklady Praha v. SK Slavoj Vysehrad B. So that sets me against some of the 'proper hoppers' then...going to see a reserve team! ;-) I've bought a decent Prague street map at last, a book, rather than a less detailed fold up one, which should last me for a few more trips! Without it i wouldn't have found this ground, despite printing off a map from the internet. But find it I did, with ease. I didn't know what to expect, a railed off pitch, with maybe a small stand, if lucky. Well I was very lucky! An old terrace down one side, with about fifteen steps, the middle section having the clubhouse & changing rooms behind it. In the middle part of the 'terrace' were eight rows, I think it was, of three slat bench seating. The whole terrace, and some of the wooden benches, were a bit worse for wear, but 'character forming' rather than 'shabby'! Behind one goal there was nothing, just a wall. And the other end was open, a concrete path to stand on, which continued a little way down the side, as far as the penalty box. You couldn't go any further along, so couldn't stand behind the dugouts. It was 20 Kc to get in, with a 12 black & white A5 programme included, bar the colour in the cover, with the club badge on it. The league table told me that the home team were currently 6th, out of sixteen, with Vysehrad second to bottom, with only one win to their name. Clearly a home win was on the cards, & that's ow it turned out, in front of a crowd of about 55, my guestimate. Uhelne Sklady took the lead early on, and extended it, looking comfortably the better side, you could see why the Vysehrad players were stuck in their reserves! Having said that they did reduce the arrears, but there was only one outcome, as Uhelne Sklady restored their lead, before being given a slight fright, as their defence failed to get a tackle in as a visiting player took the ball down the wing, & shot, to score. But a free kick lofted over the box was nodded in to make it a clear 4-2 victory, in a match that was just as entertaining as the one I'd seen at Stansted last Tuesday in the Essex Senior League. "

When looking for a ground in a foreign city there's nothing more welcoming that the street sign you're looking for!

This was the entrance, you can see a small table by the entrance block, on the right, where you pay your admission.

This is the club building, with the ground set below it, on the other side. Note the clock on the right.

This was the poster for the game.

To the left of the clubhouse complex, as we entered, we see the pitch below.

I'd been sitting in the clubhouse, as it was a bit nippy outside, and just got out to catch the pre-match handshakes.

To the left you can see there is nothingbehind the goal.

To the right you can see the seats under the overhang from the clubhouse building.

A closer view of behind the goal. Behind the wall & fencing is not part of the ground. Note the man in black doing something like tai chi!

From this corner we look up & get our first decent view of the terracing.

Here we see a little bit of goalmouth action from this area.

The terracing appeared in blocks, like these.

With the benches in the middle sections.

The game progresses as I snap the ground.

Here we look down from the back of the benches.

And here we see the terrace from the other end of it.

The same angle, but i've moved closer to the middle.

In the corner was a path around the top, from where I took this photo.

From where there were these steps to the hardstanding behind the goal.

Moving behind the goal we get a good shot of the stand and terrace.

The path continues round the corner, but not all the way along.

The dugouts are further down the side, but you can't stand by them.

The path only going a third of the way along.

From this corner we look across to the main side.

Now I've gone back round to the seats, & am on the benches on the halfway line.

I then move back behind the goal to get another angle of the stand, with the game still going on.

A bit of goalmouth action.

Before moving back up into the stand before the match ends.

The players climb up to the chsanging rooms, some stopping to chat!

And when's the last time you saw an old fashioned stretcher like that at a game in England?

On the way out I notice that the 'old bill' aren't too popular here either! ;-)


Iain said...

'Uhelne sklady', by the way, means 'coal depots' in Czech. I don't know exactly how they came by this name, but I'm guessing they started out as a works team or were sponsored by the appropriate industrial facility during the Communist era (the club was founded in 1965)...

graeme said...


I am hoping to go here next week - what part of Prague is it please and how do you get there - is it Metro or Tram? Looks great

Rabbler said...

Iain: man thanks for the translation,always interesting to find out things like this.
Graeme: Sorry, I didn't see your comment, I very rarely find the time, or foget, to look at them. I hope you got there. I got off the tram & went up the steps from the main raod, if that makes sense!