Saturday 8 November 2008

FC Cechie Uhrineves; Prague, Czech Republic

This is the ground of FC Cechie Uhrineves.
I mentioned my visit on the Tony Kempster messageboard & here is what I posted:

"From here it was a short wait for the 12.30 bus, to the Metro, then across the whole green line, to the other end, and a bus to Uhrineves, which was the original game I'd picked out after all, I was going to 'gamble' as there were a number of buses going down the road to there. This was also top division local Prague league A1A. They were eleventh, and were taking on second placed Dukla B. This was on the all-weather pitch, & though I'll certainly count it as a proper visit, I'm sure some proper 'hoppers would not, as there was a perfect grass pitch adjacent. I paid my 30 Kc at the 'gate' make that admission table, & was given a ticket. Sadly not a 'personalised' club one, and no programme. Not the end of the world, but still a shame! Again, if I was a proper' hopper I'd have turned round & walked away in disgust! ;-) The clubhouse/changing room was on the left, and past that was the grass pitch. Railed off, & marked out with goals up, so clearly still used. On the halfway line, on this, the bar side, was a small stand, not right on the touchline, but set back about ten yards. The all-weather pitch was to the right as I walked in, open, with no seats, hard standing all the way round, and railed off, but no terracing. A very one sided match as Dukla B ran out 6-0 winners. Dukla were in light blue shirts, instead of their famous marron, so I've seen one of their teams play in one of their 'famous' Half Man Half Biscuit Dukla Prague away shirts! A 'headcount' of the crowd gave a rough 40 attendance wise. I decided to miss the last few minutes to make sure I got the bus back to the Metro, to ensure I got my third match of the day! "

This sign points the way to the ground, from just off the main road. It is about a ten minute walk from here.

The street sign that tells me I'm in the right place.

This is the entrance to the grounds.

A table at the end of this path is where the 'gate' is collected.

This table here, in front of the bar/changing room building.

To the left of this is the grass pitch. Railed off, here are the dugouts.

Here we look across, the buildings on the far side I'm not sure what they are. Maybe old changing rooms; maybe part of another sports section?

From the same side we look across, and you can see the dugouts from the all-weather pitch, just up above, behind the goal, where the pitch runs the other way.

On the side of the clubroom is this old clock.

And set back, just past that building, is this stand.

Here we look back at the clubroom.

From the corner we look across the grass pitch.

And look back at the stand.

set in the corner, behind the far goal, is this training goal. There was only one of them.

And now we are on the far side, railed off, with the club flag flying.

Part of the building along this side.

Behind these buildings is a handball club, I think.

And there was also one of the largest pitch rollers I've ever seen.

Now behind the other goal we get a good view of the main club building & the stand.

Also glancing back along the side.

One more angle of the main side.

And down the touchline, along the railing.

And now up the path to the new all-weather pitch, where the game was.

There's just a path around the pitch, no cover, or seating, of any sort.

Here we star walking around the pitch, you can see the main clubhouse in the background.

Here we are moving behind the goal. They must have run out of fancy paving stones! ;-)

From here we look back along the side, towards the dugouts.

This is the view from the far corner. There is woodland & scrubland behind, I guess they were sick of chasing footballs!

Along the far side there is no path at all.

But down the far end we have a path again.

'Meet & greet' time again.

The blue shirt is ok, but nothing special. Certainly not an away kit I'd want for Christmas!

A bit of action, that seems like a 'spot-the-ball' competition; it shows some of the crowd in the background though.

Now this WAS funny! An unleashed dog came into the ground from the wood next door, the owner not to be seen. It tried to get through the mesh pitch surround when there was a throw-in. One rather apprehensive home player in the stripes!

You can see the dog pulling through the plastic mesh surround!

A shot of both kits.

And that was it really, not much to see, ground wise, but another Prague ground 'ticked', so I can't moan too much! ;-)

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