Saturday 8 November 2008

TC Cepirohy; Most, Czech Republic

This small ground was on the far side of Most, a good half hour walk away from the centre. It really is 'luck of the draw' when visiting these. Maps do not tell you what grounds are there. Just mark a football pitch. it may be a school pitch, of no interest, or a small ground like this.
There doesn't appear to be any full scale matches played here anymore. The main goals look unused, and the stronger pitch markings appear to be for junior small sided football.
The banner at the ground mentions the Fotbalova Akademie Josefa Masopusta & seems to be a part of their academy. Josef Masopust is arguably the greatest Czech player ever.

I entered through the car park, which you can just see behind the dugout. There was a small bar, & changing rooms, just behind.

In front of it, by the pitch are these tables. The only 'cover' at this small ground.

Railed off around the pitch.

Which continues behind the goal.

As you can see, especially from the long grass around the bottom of these posts, I doubt if full sclae eleven-a-side has been played on this ground for quite a while.

Here we look back across, and you can see the 'small sided' goal in front of the dug out on the right.

down the far touchline, still railed off, you see another 'small sided' goal. And behind them a couple of benches. The only 'proper' spectator comforts.

These benches here!

If there is anyone out there who knows who once used this ground I'd be interested to know!

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Stan said...

Hi man, great work. This ground in Cepirohy is used by the smallest players of Banik Most. This club has his own Football Academy, you named it. Academy also uses grounds in Sous and in Albrechticka.
Ground in Cepirohy was used by the team SK Cepirohy, but I am not sure if they still exist. This ground was very often something like reserve pitch for many youth teams od Banik Most.