Saturday 15 November 2008

Evzena Rosickeho Stadium; Prague, Czech Republic

I saw another match here, on Wednesday 26th October 2011; Slavia Praha Under 19s had a game switched here at very short notice, from the adjacent sports ground where I wanted to see them, as that was being used for a referees' fitness assessment ocurse, of some sort!

I am not entirely sure which Club is now the main user of this ground, if any, so would be grateful if anyone who knows could let me know.

The following small set of snaps from the Under 19s match, and my previous pictures are below them.

This is the next door ground where the game was advertised as being at.

Across the road is the entrance to the Evzena Rosickrho Statium, where it was switched to.

Just one gate open, for such a minor match.

Once inside we only have the main side open, but I've not been up in this side before, so I go the end corner, to look along the seats.

The two tiers behind the goal.

The lower section of the main side.

Boxes and press areas at the rear.

The walkway between higher & lower tiers.

Press seats.

Moving down at little, looking toward the right hand end, once more.

Then left, to the other end.

At the back of the lower section the ground has clearly seen better days.

The really posh bit in the middle!

Turning left, from the posher padded seats behind them.

Here they are, not a huge crowd, as you can see!

A few from the game, to finish..

And so to my previous posting:

This stadium was used Slavia Praha while their Eden stadium was being redeveloped. Last season it was also home to another Prague team, Sparta Krc, when they had a season in the Second Division.
On one of my previous trips I saw Slavia play a home game here. On my October 2008 trip I visited here more in hope than expectation. It was a bank holiday as well, so I expected everything to be locked. But, luckily, one gate was open, as the groundsman was at work. So I snapped away, and left when he tols me. Conveniently walking round the other direction so I could complete the whole ground!

The old Slavia signs are still here, as you can see.

Here are one of the turnstile blocks outside.

I've got into the ground through a gate on the halfway line, & I walk up the ramp then I'm on the track! I start walking around in a clockwise direction.
Somewhere in this section was where I saw the Slavia game I went to in October 2005, I think it was, off the top of my head.

As we continue round the track we see the big scoreboard on the roof.

And here we look back down the side. Look at the middle, by the track, and you can see the tunnel where I strolled in.

From the corner of the pitch we look along the touchline, and get a view of the far end.

Then we look over to the main stand, on the far side.

And here is the curve behind the end we are at.

Moving round the track this is the main stand.

From this bend we look back across.

Here's another shot of the scoreboard end.

Now we get to the dugouts and the tunnel on the halfway line.

And we move on to behind the far goal.

Another corner flag angle, just without the corner flags! ;-)

Directly behind the goal.

Another glimse down the main side.

Now we're on the final stretch, so to speak, and heading for the tunnel!

A last look up at the stands.

And off down the tunnel!

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