Saturday 15 November 2008

Stadion TJ Ruda Hvezda; Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you're not. Let me explain....
Part of what I enjoy about going to watch football abroad is that I choose to wander around towns that I will never go back to, or am very unlikely to. I actually enjoy strolling around, off the 'tourist trail', if a town has such a thing, and seeing a 'real' town.
One thing I like to do is spot a ground marked on a map & sniff it out!
There were a couple of non-league sides I found on the internet in Hradec Kralove, having checked them properly on the internet in my hostel back in Prague the night before. But, typical of me-Doh!- I left the notes I took behind. So I was tramping the streets in the drizzle 'blind'.
One 'ground' I found was simply a field, and this one was derelict. Very derelict!

I have no idea who once played here, though the sign on the old building may be a clue.

After looking here I walked back into the town centre, towards the FC Hradec Kralove ground, stopping at an art gallery on the way.


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice to see the place is considered to be interesting for someone who is even not from Czech rep. Very good. So information for you - this proper football stadium was made in 1955 and it originally the ground was covered by cinder (pretty usual back then). This year the stadium is supposed to be renovated. By the way, the lot in this location is very very expensive, it is suprising, that in such corrupted place, they did not sell it to developers to build the houses.


Rabbler said...

Thank you for the history. It will be great if it becomes a football ground once more...