Saturday 15 November 2008

FC Dragoun Brevnov; Prague, Czech Republic

This should have been simple! Wander around Prague, map in hand, take photos & report back.
Except....this is obviously a ground still in use, but I cannot find any details of FC Dragoun Brevnov. So I have no idea if they still exist, & if they don't which club uses this ground!
I've tried to search the internet to find out with my limited skills, but the closest I've got was finding some reports about them playing in the Czech third division level in 2005/06.
If anyone knows if they are still playing, or what happened to them, plus who might currently use this ground, I would be most grateful.

It's actually a nice little ground, & one I would pencil in to watch a match on a future visit, but that comes a bit difficult without knowing who uses it!

Here was the club name in the sign above the entrance.

The actual entrance shown here.

Through the gate & you see this nice bit of terrace & cover ahead. We're going to walk this way & go round the ground in a clockwise direction.

This is the stretch of terrace up to the covered seating area.

Which is shown here.

Past this there is more terracing.

Behind this stretch of terrace, towards the corner, is this open seating area for the bar.

From the corner we look down the side, and see the open end in the distance.

There is open hardstanding behind this goal, which is where the bar & changing room buildings are.

From behind the goal we look back at the stand.

Progressing to the other side there's no room to stand, apart from this tight area.

From the halfway line we look across to the stand. It was raining & misty. Just how much so you can see, from the radio tower of some sort, that is shrouded in the mist.

Strange dugouts, with-I think-some sort of tannoy box built into it.

From here we look back to the buildings behind the goal.

Here is another dugout. Presumably the older ones are the obsolete ones.

Past the dugouts there is more overgrowth.

And it's similar behind the goal, though it is possible to stand here.

One more look down the covered side.

Before it's back out of the open gates, in search of another ground!

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SundanceKid said...

FC Dragoun Brevnov ceased to exist in summer 2006 when it became FK Mlada Boleslav B. ASAIK the ground is not in use any more, at least not regularly. When I vistited thema couple of years ago, the match program used to be the match ticket at the same time...