Saturday 15 November 2008

TJ Sokol Stodulky; Prague, Czech Republic

TJ Sokol Stodulky play in the second division of the local Prague leagues. It is a basic one sided ground, all the facilities down the one side.

The ground is up this path from the road, and you can clearly see the pitch on the right of it.

Further along you come to the bar & changing rooms, and you can see a few rows of uncovered seats further along.

There was a poster for a recent reserve team game up on a board outside the closed bar.

Looking across the pitch we see the dugouts on the far side.

Further along the railed off spectator side we look back & see the local churcg, which makes a pleasant backdrop.

Moving further along we come to the rows of plastic seats.

Another look across to the dugouts, and that was TJ Sokol Stodulky!

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