Saturday 15 November 2008

TJ Slavoj Brevnov; Prague, Czech Republic

I know nothing at all about TJ Slavoj Brevnov; other than I spotted their fading sign & overgrown, unused pitch when walking around Prague with a map looking for grounds! It was across the road from FC Dragoun Brevnov. And that is all I can tell you!

Any information gratefully received.

There was gate here...

Railed off on one side

The old goals still in place

And again looking down the old railed touchline


Anonymous said...

This club apparently no longer plays football, they still have volleyball, basketball and athletics. They moved to another stadium in Prague 6 a while ago.

Rabbler said...

Thank you for your help.
If there are any grounds in Prague that I haven't photographed then please feel free to recommend some to me for my next trip in October 2009.